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"You should know you're not alone.  And trouble comes, and trouble goes.

How this ends, no one knows. So hold on tight when the wind blows" - Frank Turner

Finding the right gift can be stressful even under the best of circumstances. This year, instead of a normal print sale, I wanted to hopefully help lift some of the worry about being able to afford a nice gift. 

So, I've selected 20 of my favorite and most successful photos to be available at a few different price points for a 12x18 print.

Simply select the gallery below  with the price you feel comfortable paying and that's it.

The photos in each gallery and the print you'll receive are all identical to each other as well as the print normally priced at $75.00. 

I hope this can help relieve some of stress and worry of being able to find the right gift!

I'll also be teaming up with SmugMug to give away 10 of these prints for free over on Instagram.

If you're still looking for the perfect gift, I've also written a gift guide for photographers, coffee lovers, and adventure lovers you can check out here.


After receiving asking if I could add a few different images to the galleries, I've gone ahead added a total of 10 more photos!

See below for estimated shipping times

Choose Your Price - Click Below to See Full Gallery of Images

Just a few of the photos available in the gallery links above and where they've been featured:

Joshua Tree
Malibu Sea Cave

Joshua Tree National Park, California
Featured by National Geographic in a "Best Travel Photos" article.

Malibu, California
Featured as the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

Jersey Foxes
Sleeping Giants

Island Beach State Park, NJ
National Geographic - Photo of the Day

Newton, NJ

Published in print by National Geographic

Estimated Ordering/Shipping Times for Holiday Arrival

Allow 1-2 Days for Lab Printing

December 11 for 5 to 7 business day (Economy) shipping option.

December 14 for 3 to 5 business day (Standard) shipping.

December 18 for 2 business day shipping

December 22 for overnight shipping

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