Night Sky - Jack Fusco Photography
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Lake Sabrina Milky Way

Sitting at over 9,000ft elevation , Lake Sabrina was one of the spots I was most excited to shoot visit. Due to it's location being a bit further from the rest of the spots I had planned, I saved it until my last night. I was originally hoping to use a bit of Moon light to help illuminate the scene, but the Milky Way wasn't quiet in the position I wanted. I could have taken a few photos when the Moon was still up and then composited it with a frame taken of the sky a bit later, but I prefer to capture my images using a single exposure. I shot this at a slightly lower ISO than some of my other images and relied on that extra stop from shooting at 1.8 to help bring out some detail.
During the day, Bishop hit over 100 degrees, by the time I was made it to Lake Sabrina the temperature was in the high 40's. I didn't spend as much time I would've liked here, or any of the locations for that matter, so I definitely hoped to return soon.

Sony A7RII - Sigma 14mm
20 Sec | ISO 4000 | f/1.8

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