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Giving Back for the Holidays

In addition to my print sale, I wanted to offer something a bit different this year. Instead of using the 30% off coupon all prints ordered from this gallery will have that amount donated to a charity. There's no coupon code needed for this to happen, just use the "Buy Photos" button and select an image in this gallery.  I've picked out a few charities that I'll be distributing the donations between or you can comment on the photo you're ordering to let me know which charity you'd like to help contribute to.

Here are the charities I've selected

Operation USA - Based in Los Angeles, California, this charity has been assiting with the California wildfire response providing needed items for rescue workers and helping with basic needs for those displaced from their homes. 

Haven Humane Society - Based in Anderson, California, is taking in stray pets that have been displaced due to the fires and providing fire aid to pets in need.

National Parks Foundation - Helping protect and preserve our National Parks for future generations to enjoy

Save 15% & Give 15% - Want to help out, but still save a bit of money? That's totally okay! Use the code "givehalf" on any print order from this gallery and you will save 15% while an additional 15% being will be donated.

As a thank you to YOU , I have a limited number of my 2019 Starry Nights Calendars that I will be signing and including with orders from this gallery! 


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