California - Jack Fusco Photography
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Lake Sabrina Stargazer

Bishop, CA
As much as I've mentioned being in a rush to hit as many locations as possible, it didn't stop me from being in complete awe of this beautiful area. Although I'm wearing my headlamp, I opted to keep it off for the photo. When you think about it, unless you're using a red headlamp, that light right above your eyes really kills your view of the stars : ) Who would want to miss out on that reflection of the Milky Way!

Being completely surrounded by the mountains, this area was incredibly dark. I briefly thought about extending my exposure a bit and dealing with slightly trailed stars, but in the end opted against it. I was pretty sure that shooting this with the lens wide open, I'd be able to push the RAW file to bring out enough detail.

Sony A7RII - Sigma 14mm
20 sec | ISO 3200 | f/1.8

From Night Sky