If it's still stayed under your radar, it may surprise you to know that SIGMA has two recent camera bodies, the fp and fp L.  Boasting the title of the smallest full frame camera body, these two cameras are incredibly versatile and can produce some very exciting results.

Admittedly, I don't own one (yet), but I've loved getting to bring one along whenever possible. Pairing one of these camera bodies up with any of the SIGMA contemporary lenses (I personally love the 20mm & 45mm f2 DG DN | C)

I've shot the Milky Way under totally dark skies, bioluminescence under Moonlight and video in some crazy wind and snow in Iceland with the fp. Writing this has definitely made me realize I need to work on adding one to my bag full time.     

The SIGMA fp normally sells for 1899 but is currently marked down to 1499

The SIGMA fp L sells for 2499 - Both really great prices for full frame cameras.

At the moment of writing this, the fp is available from B&H bundled with the 45mm for 1599.

One of the things that stood out most about the fp / fp L was how well it rendered color. The tones in both the sky and foreground looked beautiful straight out of camera and even better after being processed.

Untitled photo

Shooting along the coast under Moonlight was probably one of my favorite outings with the fp. With bioluminescence glowing in the water, I used the 20mm f1.4 to capture tons of detail throughout the entire image while keeping my exposures slightly on the shorter side.

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