This might go down as the lens I least expected and most wanted to keep. The Contemporary series in the SIGMA line up might go overlooked for the more popular ART series but might be one of the best kept secrets that need to be shared loudly. From the second I had one of these in my hand, I was instantly impressed with how its construction. Pair that with great optics and incredibly small footprint and it's a lens that will win a spot in many bags.

I shot with this lens from inside some huge sea caves on the West Coast and then in frigid temperatures along the East Coast. It's no secret that as much as I try to switch up my focal lengths that 20mm is definitely a personal favorite and my time with this lens further cemented that. The fast f2.0 aperture, awesome optics, small foot print, and attractive price point make this a great choice for astrophotographers, hikers, and travelers looking to save a bit of small and weight in their bag.

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