I'm very excited to share my newest timelapse, Wonder Endlessly! The timelapse focuses on some of my favorites places that I've found in Southern California under the night sky. It includes locations anywhere from giant sea caves to dry lake beds miles in to the desert. 

Turn on your speakers, hit full screen and please enjoy!

The title, Wonder Endlessly, is a reflection of the desire to always seek new adventures. There are few things that can match the overwhelming sense of wonder felt when you're looking up at a sky full of stars. Keeping that strong sense of wonder is what makes me want to head in to the middle of nowhere in the dark, to climb across wet rocks and dodge waves to capture something new. That feeling is something that I hoped to capture with this timelapse.

After life took me to the West Coast last year, I couldn’t help but to explore and shoot as many new locations. You can plan things out months in advance, but in the end if the weather doesn't cooperate, you'll be making another trip back. A few of the shots that made the video took 3 or 4 attempts for everything to line up right. It can be frustrating at times, but that's all part of the adventure. It’s impossible to match that excitement felt when everything finally comes together.

I've certainly lost track of how many hours I spent driving, hiking, or hanging out near my camera all night, but I can say without a doubt, every second was completely worth it. Regardless of the day, there's a good chance the world may feel more than just a little hectic. I promise that with the right bit of wonder, there's something beautiful not far from you just waiting to be found.
I hope you enjoy my latest timelapse, Wonder Endlessly

Equipment Used: Cameras: Sony A7R2 , Nikon D800E
Lenses: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 ART, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART, Nikon 14-24 f/2.8
Motion Control: Rhino EVO & Motion Timelapse slider
Tripod: Feisol CT- 3442 & CB-50

Some locations include: La Jolla, Solana Beach, Malibu (Leo Carillo, El Matador), Anza-Borrego Desert (Clark Dry Lake Bed, Wind Caves), Julian, Carlsbad

Wonder Endlessly has been featured by

Outside Magazine,



Times Of San Diego


Travel Resource Magazine,

+ More!

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