With it's fast aperture of 1.4, the built in retainer to hold a lens warmer in place, and a Manual Focus Lock Switch, the new SIGMA 20mm f1.4 DG DN | ART lens was without a doubt designed with astrophotography in mind. So, how does the new lens perform when photographing the Milky Way? 

The images on this page are some of the first images of the Milky Way available with this new lens. You can inspect how the lens performs in the far corners to see a minimal amount of coma when shot wide open at f1.4. This lens has performed incredibly well in each outing so far. Between shooting single images, stacked images, using a star tracker, or shooting massive panos, the results have definitely been impressive. 
This page is aimed at astrophotographers looking for high resolution images to inspect for the quality during some of the most demanding scenarios. 

The above images are a quick comparison of the left most part of a frame taken at Cherry Springs State Park at the apertures f2 , f1.8 , f1.6, and wide open at f1.4 with the SIGMA 20mm f1.4 DG DN | ART lens on a Sony A7SIII.
The images below are a closer look at the upper left edge of the frame for a better look at the performance at through the same aperture range. I was really pleased with how well the lens looked wide open in these situations.

While the header image was taken in the Joshua Tree Wilderness, just outside of the National Park, the rest of these example images were taken at the International Dark Sky Park, Cherry Springs in North West Pennsylvania. The full size image and EXIF data is available by clicking on the individual image. 

Note: The collage images will likely not display correct EXIF. 

From f1.4 to f2

If you're looking for more in depth impressions and a larger gallery, I invite you to check out the First Look on the SIGMA blog and the additional blog post on my site that went live with the announcement of the lens.

The lens is available now for pre-order for 899.00 and will be shipping late August!

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