Q&A 12/16/2013

I've decided to start a Questions and Answers feature here on my blog. It will be dedicated to answering different questions you guys would leave here or email in. They can be about a specific photo, a technique, gear, coffee, whatever you can think to ask! What do you think of the idea? Leave your questions here and each time I'll pick a few different questions out to post on the site. Get creative, have fun and help me spread the word!

  • Lisa Cuchara

    on January 26, 2014

    do you do programs? workshops? what places do not mind you shooting outside at night? in CT most parks close at sunset.

  • Mike Attanasio

    on December 20, 2013

    Hey Jack, thanks for the opportunity to pick your brain..... what online sites do you utilize to plan your night work?

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