After starting this sale during the pandemic, I quickly decided it would be my yearly end of year sale. No "24 hours only" or on sale Black Friday and then dropped even more on Cyber Monday. They'll be available with this flex pricing through the holidays.

There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to gift giving and I hope this can help relieve a bit of that stress.  Whether that's being able to afford a really nice gift or just find something unique and exciting.

If you're not familiar with the sale, I'm offering prints of my 25 favorite and most success photos in a "pay what you can" type pricing. 

I've made prints that normally sell for $75 on sale starting with a price of just 15 going up to 35. You can click here to visit the galleries.

I really hope it helps you find a gift you're excited to give! I tried my best to vary the image selection as well, so you won't just see night sky photos in there! Hopefully there's a bit of something for everyone!

I hope everyone has a great day! : )

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