I am honored and excited to announce that one of my images from the SpaceX Falcon9 launch was selected as the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day!
This is my 6th image to be receive the NASA APOD designation and one of my personal favorites. Watching the SpaceX launch was both a beautiful and exciting experience, but getting to share it with Rachel and Kona made it extra special for me. 

I knew it was an event that would receive a decent bit of attention, as most launches do, but there were a few factors that made me think this would be a bit different. The timing of the launch, 7:21PM, which made it a bit more accessible than some of the later launches and the fact that this would be the first time a SpaceX rocket would make a land landing on the West Coast!

I had one camera set up to shoot a brief timelapse and used the other one to capture some stills of the event. Kona, who is just a bit over 2 years old, loves playing in the ocean, so I knew it wouldn't be easy to keep him standing still. 
I set my camera on a timer to fire off a few photos and ran in to place next to Rachel and Kona.  We were hit by a wave that made it pretty close to my camera, but kept trying. Thankfully, we got one photo, with a relatively short exposure, of everyone standing still.

As soon as the launch finished, we made our way back to the our Jeep and started the drive home! 

I tossed my wet shoes aside, quickly loaded everything in to Lightroom on my Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 and went to change in to dry clothing. 

After I found the photo that had all three of us looking sharp, I ran through some quick edits and got it online. 

I had no idea that when I posted the two photos from the launch that they would be by far the most popular photos I've ever posted on my Instagram account. (1 &2)

Being able to share a photo that's so special to me with everyone really means a lot. Thank you! I feel incredible fortunate to have such supportive family, friends, people that follow and support online,  and brands that I've been able to team with.

Each day Astrophysicist and Staff Scientist Dr. Jerry T. Bonell and Astronomer and Astrophysicist Dr. Robert J. Nemiroff select a new image or photograph to be featured on the NASA APOD site and provide a brief explanation as well. I would like to extend a very big thank you to them for the continued hard work they put in to the site.

Additional Outtakes / Getting Hit By a Wave

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