Photo Gear - For the Photographer in Your Life

Let's face it, it can be annoying to shop for photographers. Gear is always changing, very specialized, and often quite expensive. I picked out a few things that, even if they seem boring to you, will be exciting for the photographer in your life. It's probably best to avoid trying to pick out a bag for them. I promise unless they've picked out a very specific model, you won't find the right one. It's the never ending search for photographers, so best stay clear!

Adobe Creative Cloud - 19.99 / per month - This will give access to both Photoshop and Lightroom, the essential tools for editing when it comes to photography!

128 GB Memory Cards! - $27.00 - No photographer ever has enough memory cards. Seriously. I use mostly PNY brand cards so that's what I'll link you to here! 

Black Diamond Headlamp -  $34.99 - My go-to headlamp when it comes to heading out under the stars! 

Sensor Cleaning Kit - $19.99 - A great stocking stuffer gift. Something all photographers need, but don't often have on hand. It helps make sure you can clean dust off the image sensor of your camera and is easy to do at home! 

Base Layer Gloves - 19.99 - Every photographer, in cold weather, has struggled with finding the right gloves. My personal experience has lead me to using a thin pair of base layer gloves under a warmer pair of gloves or mittens. This lets me actually use all the buttons on my camera with ease! I've had (and lost) a few different brand gloves, but linked the ones that I've yet to lose! 

Astrophotography Presets - $54-79 - A little self-plug here, I developed this to help people edit their astrophotography images. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the field, there's something to help all levels. Since this is a digital download, send me a note if you're picking it up as a gift and I can send a certificate for you to print out! 

For the Aspiring Photographer

Sony A6000 - $498 - If you're looking to pick up a camera for someone that is interested in getting in to photography, I will often suggest the Sony A6000. It's a little bit older, but a great camera at a great price.
Sigma 16mm 1.4 - $399 - The perfect pairing for the A6000. This is not just a great lens for the aspiring photographer, but a lens that will be a great addition to any kit as it grows.

For the Adventurer

A few suggestions for the person who loves adventure in your life! When venturing out, it's important to have bring gear you can count on. I've been wearing Rhone clothing and Forsake shoes for a few years now and would be absolutely stoked to find it wrapped up. 

Rhone - Premium activewear - I'll suggest my two favorite pieces, but you honestly can't go wrong. I've put their gear through all sorts of extreme conditions. The same Commuter pants I wore for my TEDx talk are the same pants I pick to wear for a long flight or a long hike. They look awesome, are extremely versatile and extremely comfortable. 

I was on the search for a zipup that I loved for an obnoxious amount of time. Their Spar Tactical Full Zip Hoodie finally answered the call. Light enough to wear on a Summer might and perfect to go under a warm jacket in the Winter. 

I'd say the most important thing about Rhone is how well their clothing holds up. I can still put on the first piece of Rhone gear I owned and it looks just as good now as it did when it showed up. 

Behind the Scenes

Forsake - Our family hiking and daily shoe of choice for the past few years. They're designed so you can wear the same shoe out to dinner that you wear out on the trail. One of their newer models, the Maddox has been a personal favorite of mine, while their Clyde has had many, many miles of desert terrain put on them.

Coffee Gear - For the Coffee Lover

Some of my favorite coffee roasters actually have sections with some gift ideas already sorted out. I'll give some of my recommendations below, but you can check out Drink Coffee, Do Stuff's holiday area, too!

Fellow Carter Travel Mug - $30.00 - This is THE travel mug for coffee lovers. It was designed with the ultimate coffee experience in mind. It has a ceramic coating which won't impact the taste of your coffee, unlike stainless steal, and a wide mouth to make sure you get the full aroma experience. On top of that, it was made to fit most popular brewing devices right on top (like an aeropress, v60, kalita) making it a great solution for travel and making coffee on the go.

Aeropress - $35.00 - Trying to nudge someone in to upping their coffee game? The Aeropress is a great and accessible way to make quality coffee at home and on the go. The kit I linked comes with filters and a nice carrying bag as well!

Hario Drip Coffee Scale - $45.50  - This may seem silly, but making coffee is much like following any other recipe. If the total coffee or water you use varies, you'll have a difficult time making a great cup. If you know someone that is making coffee a single cup at a time at home without a scale, this is the gift! 
Atmos Airtight Container  - $34.99 - Air is the mortal enemy of coffee. These containers were designed to keep your coffee fresh for 50% longer and look good while doing it!

The Gift of Amazing Coffee 

If the coffee lover if your life already has everything or you're just not sure what all the gadgets on the kitchen counter are, then this might be the option for you. Now, you might think, I don't want to just get them coffee. But, amazing coffee is ALWAYS welcome. This is the time of year that some of the small batch crops are made available. So, it can be very exciting if coffee is your thing.  I promise.  These are a few hand-picked options that are sure to please.

Amazing Coffee from Amazing Roasters - $15-25

These are some of my absolute favorite coffee roasters. I'll list my favorite from each, but have no doubts you'll enjoy others, too!

Drink Coffee Do Stuff - Roasted at altitude in Lake Tahoe! My personal favorite is their Ethiopia Guji which was one of the Good Food Award winners! I was hesitant to suggest this to too many people for fear there wouldn't be enough for me to drink, too : ) 

Penstock Coffee Roaster  - Representing my home state of NJ! Their Ethiopia Kayon Mountain is hands down one of my favorite coffees.

Onyx Coffee Lab - Roasting out of Arkansas, but showing up nation-wide! Onyx delivers the goods when it comes to all sorts of awesome coffee. I've been enjoying their coffee advent calendar and would be stoked with anything from their current offerings!

Mostra Coffee - From San Diego and current Roaster of the Year!  Their Hambela was kind of a gateway in to the world of what coffee could be, so there's no way I could leave them off the list! 

Roasters with limited or special small batch coffees - $30 +

Coffee crops aren't unlike many other crops with seasonal availability depending on where it's being grown. No matter the type of coffee, it can require a great deal of attention. Certain small batch coffees can under go an even greater level attention for some pretty incredible and unique results. These offerings might be a one time thing, so they can be pricey at times, but for a true coffee lover it's a very exciting experience.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters - Based out of San Diego, California - BR is one of my favorite roasters and has been recognized for their quality nation-wide.

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters - Based out of Boulder, Colorado - Dragonfly specializes in some of the most rare and highly sought after gesha coffees from Panama. 

Paradise Coffee Roasters -  Roasting in Hawaii and Minnesota, Paradise seeks out rare varietals of coffee that are often exclusive to their store

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