Gift giving can be as stressful as it can be exciting. Finding the right gift for someone with these kind of niche interests can be difficult, too, especially if you're hoping to surprise them. I know I wouldn't want to try and buy me a coffee related gift! 

So, I tried to put this list together with a bunch of items that I can personally recommend from experience with them. I tried to also keep a range of items with some very reasonably priced items while recommending some of the more expensive items that might fall on some wish lists. I know those can be just as difficult to shop for and hopefully having recommendations will help. If you see anything on here you're hoping to pick up for a loved one (or yourself!) and have any questions, please feel free to send a message so I can help out! Some of the links do contain affiliate info, so if you find the perfect gift nothing changes for you, but I get a small percent for sending you their way! 

Photo Gear - For the Photographer in Your Life - $7.95+

Remote Shutter Release - $7.95 - Inexpensive, but essential! All you need to know is the brand of camera and you're good to go! I never head out to take photos of the night sky without a remote.

LumeCube Video Conference Light - $55.95 This multi purpose light can be used to improve those work from home Zoom calls or out in the field. I use a similar light from LumeCube to help light a lot of night scenes. It's a bit more expensive and can be found here

Untitled photo

Black Diamond Headlamp -  $34.99 - My go-to headlamp when it comes to heading out under the stars!  I had this on the list last year and even though I own about 10, it's still my favorite headlamp. 

Peak Design Camera Strap - $35.95 - An upgraded camera strap is often one of those things that a photographer never knew they were missing. This strap from Peak Design is universally loved and sure to be a win.

Untitled photo

Sensor Cleaning Kit - $19.99 - A great stocking stuffer gift. Something all photographers need, but don't often have on hand. It helps make sure you can clean dust off the image sensor of your camera and is easy to do at home! 

Base Layer Gloves - 19.99 - Every photographer, in cold weather, has struggled with finding the right gloves. My personal experience has lead me to using a thin pair of base layer gloves under a warmer pair of gloves or mittens. This lets me actually use all the buttons on my camera with ease! I've had (and lost) a few different brand gloves, but linked the ones that I've yet to lose! 

Feisol Table Top Tripod - $69.00 -This may seem like an interesting choice, but I could not love this mini-tripod more. I've brought mine all across the globe. It's perfect for getting those ultra close to the ground photos without taking up any extra space in your bag. A great tool to have for saving space and/or weight!

Astrophotography Presets - $9.99 + - A little self-plug here, I developed this to help people edit their astrophotography images. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the field, there's something to help all levels. Since this is a digital download, send me a note if you're picking it up as a gift and I can send a certificate for you to print out! 

As part of the package, they'll receive presets plus a guide on how to make the most of out them!

For the Aspiring Photographer

Sony A6000 - $498 - If you're looking to pick up a camera for someone that is interested in getting in to photography, I will often suggest the Sony A6000. It's a little bit older, but a great camera at a great price.
Sigma 16mm 1.4 - $399 - The perfect pairing for the A6000. This is not just a great lens for the aspiring photographer, but a lens that will be a great addition to any kit as it grows.

For the Adventurer

Finding the perfect gear to head out in can not only be time consuming, but it can often be a bit of an investment. We're expecting to put it through rough conditions while keeping us comfortable and to last through it all. Unfortunately, that's not always the case and no one wants to find out their gift didn't last beyond it's first outing.  Thankfully, I can say through personal experience that these gift ideas are sure to hold up.

Here's the thing about this section,  I've spent a lot of time trying to find the gear. At some point in time, I would probably have a more diverse list that I wouldn't be as confident in or I probably wouldn't have included it at all.  Over the last few years, more and more of my clothing is being replaced by something from Rhone. The items that haven't been yet? Well, I don't really wear them. So, I'm happy to suggest some awesome gift ideas that I can honestly say that I love and haven't let me down.

One of the cool things about their clothing is that they have different collections that are gear toward different activities. I'll share a favorite piece of gear and then link to some of their collections. Any other way and I might as well just be re-writing their website. 

Rhone -
Eco Legend Pants -  These pants look nice enough to wear out, are comfortable enough for long days in the car, and versatile enough for long nights in the mountains. They have the perfect amount of stretch and breathability. I don't think I've had a pair of pants that I have spent more time in. Oh, and they're also made of completely recycled or regenerated materials. At the time I'm writing these they are 30% off, but even at full price they are 100% worth it and sure to be favorites. You might want to order a pair for yourself, too : )

Amboy Lava Field

Reign - My favorite shirts from Rhone. As I'm writing this, I have a short sleeve Reign Tee (also wearing one in that photo just above here) on that I got almost 3 years ago. It looks and feels identical to my  most recent one. I spent years trying to find t-shirts that looked nice and held up over time and have finally found them in the Reign line. No more weird fits or awful looking necklines.

Commuter - Leaning a bit more on the dress side than the Reign line without sacrificing any of the comfort or versatility. I've hiked, given TEDx talks, and flown in commuter pants and got married while wearing Commuter dress shirt. 

Spar - Ultimate comfort, whether it's post workout or comfort while working from home. 

Forsake - Our family hiking and my daily shoe of choice.  They're designed so you can wear the same shoe out to dinner that you wear out on the trail. One of their newer models, the Maddox has been a personal favorite of mine, while their Clyde has had many, many miles of desert terrain put on them.
You can check out the Maddox on the right (and you can peak the photo above to see that I am actually wearing them) I love these so much that I recently picked up a second pair. They became the shoe that I wore not just for hiking, but pretty much every day as well. 

If you're looking for a Vegan friendly option, check out their Meridian line.

Untitled photo

For the Aspiring Coffee Lover - Ideas From  $12 - $35

Single Serve Steeped Coffee - Dragonfly Coffee Roaster - Good coffee takes time and usually a bit of investment in to gear. Whether you're hoping to nudge someone in the direction of upping their coffee game or know someone that enjoys great coffee, but also spends a lot of time outdoors this is a great option. At the time I'm writing this, they're on sale for 12.50 but normally go for $25.

Aeropress - $35.00 - Trying to nudge someone in to upping their coffee game? The Aeropress is a great and accessible way to make quality coffee at home and on the go. The kit I linked comes with filters and a nice carrying bag as well!

Fellow Prismo - $25.00 - If you know someone with an Aeropress, or if you're looking for a nice gift to go along with it, the Prismo is a great option. It sits on top of the Aeropress and helps make a more espresso like cup! I've used this at home to make some delicious peppermint lattes around the holidays!

Untitled photo

For Coffee Addict On the Go or At Home - $21+

Whether I'm heading out to the wilderness or spending time in an unfamiliar city, there is a near 100% change I've made room coffee in my bags. Here are a few items for the coffee lover that is always on the go.

Travel Kettle -  $28.00 - All good coffee starts with hot water. This collapsible kettle folds down and makes for an awesome addition to any coffee kit!

Bodum Electric Kettle - $28.00 - A great option for someone looking to get in to making pourover coffee at home! A gooseneck kettle is a critical component to allow for precision pouring and a great cup of coffee!

Fellow EKG Stagg -  $169 - If you've been to a local coffee shop, there is a very good chance that this is the kettle you saw them using. It's pretty much become the industry standard due to it's ability to set a specific temperature and look beautiful while doing it!

Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee Dripper - $21.00 - Pair this up with your travel kettle or camp stove and you'll be ready to make pour overs from anywhere! This can brew up to 2 cups at a time and is a great idea for someone that loves making their own coffee no matter their location.

Fellow Carter Move Mug - $27.50 -My favorite coffee mug for heading out on the trail or just on a long car ride. Does an awesome job at keeping the coffee warm and the ceramic lining keeps it true to taste.

A cup of 90+ coffee with my Fellow Carter mug

Untitled photo

The Gift of Amazing Coffee - From $18+

You don't need to over think the gift of great coffee. To the everyday person, a bag of coffee may seem like an unexciting gift. But I promise that the RIGHT back of coffee can be the PERFECT gift! 

Penstock Coffee Roaster  - Representing my home state of NJ! Their Ethiopia Kayon Mountain has been a long time favorite of mine. Just as busy roasting coffee as giving back to their local community.

Onyx Coffee Lab - Roasting out of the Oxarks, Onyx has become one of the biggest names in coffee. Not only will their coffee be a winner, their packaging has been taken to the next level.

Equator Coffee - Delicious coffee from a company with incredible values.   

Untitled photo

Roasters with limited or special small batch coffees - $6 +

Coffee crops aren't unlike many other crops with seasonal availability depending on where it's being grown. No matter the type of coffee, it can require a great deal of attention. Certain small batch coffees can under go an even greater level attention for some pretty incredible and unique results. These offerings might be a one time thing, so they can be pricey at times, but for a true coffee lover it's a very exciting experience.

Ninety Plus Coffee - Panama - If you have someone in your life that loves an amazing cup of coffee then look no further.  Producers of some of the rarest and most incredible coffee in the world, you're sure to be a hero with a cup or two from 90+ on the holidays. These come in small batches starting at just 6 dollars and going up from there depending on the rarity of the coffee. 

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters - Based out of San Diego, California - BR is one of my favorite roasters and has been recognized for their quality nation-wide.

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters - Based out of Boulder, Colorado - If it's coming from Dragonfly you know it's going to be good. I've routed two of my cross country drives specifically to be able to stop and enjoy a cup from Dragonfly.

Update! - Ninety Plus have added 3 different Holiday Gift Box options! These look absolutely incredible and are a great value, too! Each one includes 3 or 4 different offerings that are sure to be some of the unique and impressive coffee!

Starting at just $50, I don't think there has been a better deal on 90 Plus coffee before! I might have to pick one up for myself, too!

The All-In Section - For those that need a big gift


Dell XPS - $749+ - The XPS line has been my go-to computer for editing for almost 4 years now and I recommend them any chance I get. They come in a number of configurations and screen sizes.

XPS 13 - I was initially unsure if a 13 inch screen would be too small to work with, but I could not have been more wrong. The size and power of this lightweight laptop make it an absolute joy to use at home and on the go.

XPS 15 - The 15 was my benchmark for all that laptops should be for photographers and creatives alike. Incredibly powerful while still being portable enough to take anywhere. It can be built to hand photo and video editing workflows with ease.

XPS 17 - A long awaited return for the XPS line, the XPS 17 brings everything that the 15 offers with the option to upgrade specs even more. The more powerful video card will allow for most modern games to be played as well. If the photog in your life is also a gamer, this is the way to go.

Untitled photo


Quality camera lenses aren't cheap. They're very much an investment and something that can be part of a kit for years to come. Here are a few options at different price points for those looking for a lens to their photographer in their life. 

The Ultimate Astrophotography Lens - Sigma 14mm f1.8 ART - $1599.00 - The fastest wide angle lens available. It's pretty much the gold standard when it comes to wide angle lenses for astrophotography. 

Rokinon 14mm f2.8 - $299.00 - This is often regarded as the entry level lens in to astrophotography. It's priced very low for any camera lens and historically has lacked quality control while being built. That said, it isn't a bad budget option for those looking to take photos of the stars.

Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART - $699.00 - An incredibly versatile and powerful lens. Just as great for portraits as it is to take out under the night sky. This lens has been on the market for a little while so you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal.

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