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Over the past few years, I've made it a point to try and shoot the night sky with as many different focal lengths as possible. I've found it helps me think about scenes differently and have a nice variation in how my images look. Certain locations will definitely lean toward certain focal lengths more than others, but will generally allow for some variation. Most of the time, a location will be best suited for something wide, between 14mm and 35mm, or something a bit longer, 40mm to 85mm. Within those ranges, as much as I try to mix it up, I definitely fall into finding a favorite lens or focal length from time to time. 

On the wider side, the 20mm range is definitely one that I've loved to use.  So, as soon as I learned about the newly redesigned SIGMA 20mm f1.4 DG DN | ART lens, I jumped at the opportunity to head out with it.

East Coast Dark Skies vs West Coast Dark Skies

This new 20mm lens arrived at the perfect time for me. I had trips planned through a few International Dark Sky Parks on both the East and West Coast as well as a few National Parks along the way.  

While I'll be sharing a few of my favorite images here, I invite you to check out the First Look  blog on the SIGMA site. In additional to more images, I've shared a close look at the corners of the images from f2.0 all the way to f1.4. If you're looking for a new astro lens, you're going to want to check that out!

Sharp from Edge to Edge

I made my way from Cherry Springs State Park in North West Pennsylvania out to the Joshua Tree Wilderness in Southern California and eventually up to Rainier National Park in Washington. I knew I had a certain number of images I would need to capture with the 20mm for different assignments, but I was so impressed that I just kept shooting with it long after. I knew I wouldn't be able to share the images for a while, but the frames just looked beautiful.                              

Be sure to swing over to my Instagram to check out some more photos and a closer in my stories over the next few days! If you have questions about the new lens, leave them below or send me a DM over on IG! 

In the mean-time, don't miss the First Look post on the SIGMA blog!

The lens is available for pre-order now for $899 and should ship August 26th.

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