At the end of January I decided to head to Iceland with hopes of photographing the Northern lights. Since the weather can change so often and be so unpredictable, I teamed up with @CampingCars to help increase my chances of being in the right place at the right time. CampingCars provides a 4x4 vehicle with a tent right on top. No back tracking for the hotel you have booked in the wrong location, just chasing those clear skies and then finding a proper place to rest right above your head. 

With that said, in very Icelandic fashion, the weather was pretty awful on our trip. Since we were visiting during the off-season, we ended up grabbing a hotel with pretty much no notice when we knew the conditions weren't going to work out and may not really be the best for popping the roof side tent. 

Most of the bad weather we faced came in fashion of high winds and rain, with just a bit of snow and cold in the North East section of the country. 

We were able to have access to the internet for most of a trip thanks to a wifi device we obtained from CampingCars. It's important to keep an eye on both weather and road conditions as you travel through Iceland. Knowing where the best and safest conditions are are two of the most critical steps to being able to find the right spot to capture the Northern lights. 

If you're planning a trip, keep an eye on this site for weather and this site for the latest on road conditions.

In the end, we had three opportunities to see and capture the Northern lights. The weather broke a little more often during the day, which allowed us to get out and explore in between some of our long drives. Here's a few of my favorite photos taken during our trip around the ring road. 

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