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The goal of these workshops is for you to leave with the knowledge and ability to shoot the stars on your own. I'll be guiding you through the basics of landscape-astrophotography all the way up to some advanced techniques. We'll also touch on some basic astronomy information that will help you plan and capture images of the stars. Small groups ensure that everyone from new photographers to more experienced shooters will have their questions answered along the way. 

What You'll Learn

- Basic and Advanced Camera Settings for Shooting the Stars

 We'll cover instructions on how to get the best night sky images from your specific camera setup

- Focusing your camera in the dark

- How to find and shoot the Milky Way

- How to shoot star trails

- Light Painting

- How to prepare for and shoot meteor showers

- Understand when you should be shooting the stars. 

  Learn about the Moon and how it will impact your night photography

What You Need

- A DSLR with manual settings (It will be helpful if you have your user manual available, too)

- Wide Angle lens - Depending on your camera, you will want to have at least a 24mm. A faster aperture and wider angle will allow more light in and help you achieve better results. 

- Extra batteries (2) and memory cards (64gb+)

- A sturdy tripod

- Shutter Release / Intervalometer - If you have questions about obtaining the correct equipment, please contact me and I will gladly assist.

- Red light equipped headlamp - The red light will be less harsh on our eyes and help keep night vision intact!  

- Warm clothing


- Pen / Paper - Something to take notes with. We'll want our eyes to adjust to the dark, so using your smartphone is not the best option for this reason

- Chair / Beach towel - Once we are shooting some star trails, we'll have time to relax and answer questions, so be ready and be comfortable!

- Coffee / Tea / Redbull - Bring your caffeinated drink of choice


Most workshops will be held along the Southern New Jersey coastline. Special events will be offered and listed on the site. Workshops are available worldwide, with travel expenses being added to the cost of the workshop. Check here for current locations.


Although light or passing clouds can be worked around, we will ideally be shooting on a clear night. In the case of total cloud cover, the workshop will be moved a day ahead or back to accommodate the weather. 


Workshop attendance will be limited to small groups.  A smaller workshop size will ensure that every question can be answered and everyone attending can leave ready to head out on their own. If you have a large group (camera club), please contact me for possible large party workshops. You are responsible for your travel costs, any lodging accommodations, food, beverage, and any additional unrelated expenses. 

Workshop Schedule

Please visit this page to view the upcoming workshops.

I am based in New Jersey, but available for workshops out of the area. Please contact me for details.


Full payment will be due before the start of the workshop. A down payment option is available to secure your place. While payment is non-refundable, if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending, I will gladly work to reschedule.

Post Processing

While I will give a brief verbal overview of post-processing during the workshop, in depth details are not covered in single night workshops.  If you are interested in covering the advanced details of editing your images, please contact me for scheduling and rates.

Thank you very much for your interest in attending a workshop! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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